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Aleister Sinn Returns To Misery Point Radio

Aleister Sinn recently returned to Misery Point Radio to discuss his epic metal concept band FROM HELL and their new album Rats And Ravens. Check it out at :

FROM HELL Reveals Sinister New Video For “They Come At Night”

Horror Metal Band FROM HELL Reveals Sinister New Video for “They Come at Night” New Album, “Rats & Ravens,” Available May 22 via Scourge Records Horror metal band FROM HELL has unleashed a sinister new video for “They Come at Night,” the latest horror story in the FROM HELL anthology, Rats & Ravens, out May…

FROM HELL Rats And Ravens – Press Release 3-24-2020

For Immediate Release Metal Band FROM HELL Releases RATS & RAVENS A New Horror Story in the FROM HELL Anthology Metal horror band FROM HELL returns in 2020 with a new album called RATS & RAVENS. Staying true to the vision that each release is a concept album, Aleister Sinn (the live persona of George Anderson,…

New FROM HELL Album Coming Soon

The new album, entitled ‘Rats And Ravens’ is currently being recorded and will be available in the first quarter of 2020!