FROM HELL Seeks Drummer

FROM HELL is looking for another professional drummer to join this band.
FROM HELL is a blackened thrash metal band with a horror concept theme. Each album is a horror story from beginning to end and new writing will continue to be in that style. We are an international touring band. We have toured Europe and Russia and are planning to return to Europe soon. We would like to make plans to tour Mexico and South America. We have released two full length albums and recently a couple of covers that are getting international radio play.
The perfect drummer is someone who can play rock, blues, jazz, funk and death metal. We believe these other styles of music help create a more rounded feel to the music we play and is an important element to crafting a song and not just “taka taka taka taka”. You must have the ability to learn and play covers perfectly. Our style clocks in around 160-170 bpm on average, but we have songs that go as fast as 200 bpm. You need to be comfortable playing this fast. Should be comfortable with taking direction.
PLEASE! Don’t come in trying to rewrite parts to songs we have already released. These are set and cannot be changed. We are starting work on a new album and this is where you can expresss yourself creatively. You should be able to lock in solidly with the bass player. A bonus is someone who can manage intro and interlude pre-recorded samples in our live set.
We need someone who is available to tour! That means, you should own your own business or be freelance so you can tour when we need to. We are NOT looking for someone who has a day job and has limited time off. This is a paid gig.
To audition, send videos or mp3s and EPKs to of you playing two songs from our set list.
We are ready to jam with the next drummer!